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Nathan Hochman, Leading Candidate for DA of LA County, Raises More Than $1.25 Million

From Metropolitan News-Enterprise

Hochman Reportedly Raises More Than $1.25 Million

By MetNews Staff Writer

Former Assistant U.S. Attorney General Nathan Hochman has raised more than $1.25 million, through Dec. 31, in his effort to topple incumbent George Gascón, the candidate’s campaign consulting firm said yesterday.

 LAG Strategy commented in a statement:

“Hochman is the first candidate in the D.A. race to disclose how much money he raised in 2023. Campaign finance disclosures for the other candidates will not become public until late January. Through June 30, 2023, Hochman raised more than every other candidate combined, and10 times more than the unpopular incumbent, whose soft-on-crime policies fueled a surge in crime and diminished the quality of life in Los Angeles County.

“A recent survey of nearly 2,000 likely voters found that Hochman is leading all challengers in the March 5 primary election and that he would easily defeat Gascon head-to-head in a November runoff by 15-20 points. That same survey found that an overwhelming majority of voters feel less safe today than they did before Gascon took office.” The press release quotes former District Attorney Steve Cooley as saying:

“Nathan’s fundraising success shows that his message is resonating with the public, which is fed up with Gascon’s pro-criminal blanket policies that have destroyed the morale of the D.A.’s Office, fractured the partnership with law enforcement, and endangered our public safety. That will change when Nathan Hochman is elected.”

 Hochman is quoted as remarking:

 “As I travel around this county, residents from all walks of life voice the same sentiment—enough is enough! Parents are worried about their kids walking home from school; dangerous homeless encampments are growing throughout the county; smash-and-grab and home robberies occur almost daily; and fentanyl murders are killing exponentially. I am humbled that these residents see in my campaign’s focus on accountability, partnership with law enforcement, and independence the solutions to our pressing problems.”

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